The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners  

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    Notarized CCE Statement



    In order to be considered by the ISFCE Certification Board for CCE approval, all candidates must have first submitted the Notarized CCE Statement as well as the CCE Application. CCE or Recertification candidates who initiate their testing after the date of April 22, 2009 will not be permitted to gain the CCE Certification without valid submission of these forms.

    You may access the Notarized CCE Statement by following the link below:

    The Adobe Reader application is required in order to complete this form. Please make certain that you have the most up-to-date version of the software by first visiting the Adobe Reader Download site.



    To submit this form:

    • Download Notarized CCE Statement Form

    • Fully complete form and have notarized by currently licensed notary public.

      • For applicants outside the US, please use the local standard for legal signature verification as it applies in your home country. If you are unsure of the local standard for your country, please contact

    • Submit form to the ISFCE (2 options):

      • Mail original form signed & notarized to:

        PO Box 1886
        Brentwood, TN 37024

      • Email digital copy (scan) to:

    NOTE: If email (digital scan) is chosen as the delivery method to submit this form, it is the candidate's responsibility to retain the original copy of this form. The ISFCE reserves the right to request the orignal, notarized copy of the Notarized CCE Statement for presentation at any time.

    ISFCE will not provide confirmation of reciept of this form unless requested. Please contact if you wish to confirm delivery of the Notarized CCE Statement Form.