The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners  

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    ISFCE Digital Evidence Handling Proficiency Testing


    The same high quality used in the creation and execution of the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® certification process has been applied in the formulation and distribution of the digital evidence handling proficiency tests. 

    The primary goal of the ISFCE is not only to produce high quality proficiency tests, but to also make the proficiency testing process as streamlined and trouble-free as possible for subscriber laboratories. To achieve this goal, delivery of test materials will be available via download and submission of test reports will be via upload. Additionally, reporting to subscriber laboratories will be via email and website posting.  These conditions may be subject to change.


    Test Distribution

    The ISFCE has one remaining 2020 proficiency test distribution and is set to offer four in 2021. The most current distribution will be released on November 16, 2020.

    This test assesses proficiency in the following areas:

    • use of write protection

    • media imaging

    • establishing hash values

    • creating a file listing

    • active file recovery

    • deleted file recovery

    • recovery of data from unallocated space


    The ISFCE has one remaining test in 2020 and has released its distribution schedule for 2021. The following tests may now be subscribed to:

    • 20-0401 - November 16, 2020

    • 21-0101 - February 15, 2021

    • 21-0201 - May 17, 2021

    • 21-0301 - August 16, 2021

    • 21-0401 - November 15, 2021


    For the purpose of submitting your lab's findings, you will be furnished a subscriber response form. This form is required by certain accrediting bodies. However, most subscriber laboratories typically have also submitted the standard digital evidence examination report used by the company/agency.

    Pricing for the test is as follows:

    One time use external proficiency test - $600.00

    One time use internal proficiency test - $350.00

    Starting the Process

    To begin, start by completing and submitting the Proficiency Testing Application found below:

    If you experience any difficulties submitting the completed form via this method, please print and fax to (615) 236-1243.

    After reviewing the submitted application, the ISFCE will then respond within 48 hours to the provided contact email address with a link to purchase the testing online. Following payment, you will receive further information.

    You must agree to the EULA statement and complete all required fields within the application in order to be taken to the purchase page.

    You may contact with any questions regarding the application process.

    Additional Test Availability

    The ISFCE is developing additional proficiency tests that will be distributed at later dates throughout the year.  There will be a minimum of two tests and two distribution dates per year, with the likelihood of increasing that number depending on the needs of the subscriber laboratories.  

    If your organization would like to receive updates on developments regarding this proficiency testing program, please send an email to and you will be placed on an email notification list regarding our proficiency testing program.