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Next classroom CCE Bootcamp
February 27 - March 3, 2023
Sterling, Virginia USA

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The ISFCE's Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) Bootcamp is the most internationally recognized, vendor neutral, hands-on digital forensics training course in the world. If you plan to testify in court, you the examiner, not the automated software product, must qualify as an "expert" witness. As an expert witness, you must know and be able to articulate what your automated software is doing. Our course will teach you how data is stored, where the data is located and how to recover all of the data. Our students will learn how to conduct thorough examinations and how to explain, interpret and draw the appropriate conclusions on what has been found and what it may mean. Regardless of which automated product that you may use, you will understand what the product is doing and you will be able to explain or testify about how and what you have found. We teach you how to conduct thorough examinations, regardless of the tools that you use.

This course will teach you the core forensic procedures that will apply to examining any operating system or file system. During our course, we provide instruction on the logical structures of the FAT file system and the NTFS logical structures. We have thoroughly studied the NTFS operating system and feel that our NTFS course material cannot be matched anywhere. The NTFS section provides detailed instruction about the partition table, the boot record, bitmaps, the root directory, the MFT, headers, attributes, resident files, non-resident files, run lists, alternate data streams, etc.

Our training focus is not only on forensic recovery techniques, but on ensuring that what you find can be admitted in court. You will learn how to establish and use sound evidence handling procedures and how to conduct examinations using sound forensic examination procedures.

Typical students for this training include government, military, law enforcement officers, those who wish to start their own forensic examination business or professionals such as network administrators, MIS and IS specialists, auditors, fraud examiners, private investigators and similar specialists who may encounter computer media that contains potential evidence or other significant data.

Course Details

The CCE Bootcamp is a solid, foundational training class in digital forensics that prepares and qualifies students for the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) examination process. This includes hands on instruction supplements, detailed lectures, and real world practical exercises. The practical exercises reinforce examination concepts and offer practice of practical skills in a controlled environment. Fictional, yet realistic case scenarios are used throughout the class, building upon each concept taught and concluding with a comprehensive hard disk drive examination. Report writing skills are taught and reinforced through instructor review and critique. CCE Bootcamp instructors are highly qualified, experienced Certified Computer Examiners (CCE). Their hands on, dynamic approach makes the CCE Bootcamp training experience second to none. All instructors have impressive professional experience as digital forensics examiners, both civil and criminal.

The CCE Bootcamp course consists of the following modules:

Module 1 – Introduction to Computer Forensics

Module 2 – Imaging

One (1) Student Lab Practical Exercise

Module 3 – File Signatures, Data Formats & Unallocated Space

One (1) Student Lab Practical Exercise

Module 4 – FAT File System

Six (6) Student Lab Practical Exercises

Module 5 – NTFS File System

Two (2) Student Lab Practical Exercises

Module 6 – Registry & Artifacts

Three (3) Student Lab Practical Exercises

Module 7 – Forensic Policy, Case Writing, Legal Process & Forensic Tool Kits

One (1) Student Lab Practical Exercise (Hard drive examination)

Module 8 – Introduction to Mobile Data Exploitation

One (1) Student Lab Practical Exercise

Student Requirements

Students must have strong computer skills, including the ability or desire to work outside the Windows GUI interface along with the ability or desire to work with PC based hardware. Potential students should be comfortable performing basic operations such as removing hard-disk drives, installing software/operating systems, adding memory, adding peripherals, device drivers and similar tasks. If you have these skills, then we would say our CCE Bootcamp would be the perfect bridge to getting formerly trained in proper digital forensics practices and techniques. Our course will provide you with tools and training to prepare you for both practice in the field and to sit for the CCE Examination. Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) candidates must agree and abide to the ISFCE Code of Ethics and may be subject to a criminal background check.

Students who attend a classroom or on-site delivery of the CCE Bootcamp will be provided all equipment and materials necessary to complete the course. Students who enroll into the online version of the training will download and be shipped materials to their preferred location. However, they will perform the majority of their courseworlkd using their own home or business PCs. Below are the minumim and recommended requirements for a computer being used for this purpose:

Minimum Requirements:

  • PC with latest updates and BIOS
  • Windows 7 Professional operating system (32 bit and 64 bit versions)
  • Internet access
  • 512 MB (or more) memory
  • 2 GB or larger hard disk drive for examination purposes
  • 2 x available USB 2.0 ports (not USB hub)

Recommended Configuration:

  • PC with latest updates and BIOS
  • Windows 7/8/10/11 Professional operating system (32 bit and 64 bit versions)
  • Internet access
  • 4 GB (or more) memory
  • 32 GB or larger hard disk drive for examination purposes
  • 4 x available USB 2.0 ports (not USB hub)
  • Read/Write-blocking device such as the UltraBlock device made by Digital Intelligence
  • A secondary computer or tablet for the purpose of reading instructions and writing reports
Classroom Training

Classroom CCE Bootcamp

This primary format for the CCE Bootcamp course is provided over an intense week-long (5 day) session. Students enjoy instructor lead training utilizing all necessary computers, equipment and materials provided at the event. They also benefit from interacting and networking with other students representing a wide variety of backgrounds and industries.

Online Training

Online CCE Bootcamp

This guided self-study format for the training is self-paced and can be successfully completed from anywhere in the world. Students download and are shipped materials that allow them to complete the coursework from their home or work PCs on their own timeline. Instructor and administration support is provided primarily via email and students typically complete the course within 3-6 months.

Onsite Training

On-site CCE Bootcamp

An alternative to sending a group of employees to one of the ISFCE's schduled classroom Bootcamps, custom on-site versions of this course are also made available. These training events can be hosted locally at a facility of your choosing anywhere in the world. The ISFCE will send the instructor as well as all equipment and materials in order to conduct the course specifically for your team's needs.

ISFCE Training Fees

Classroom CCE Bootcamp

  • Classroom Event Enrollment - $3,895.00 USD
  • Classroom Event Enrollment (LE/GOV/MIL Pricing) - $3,695.00 USD
  • Additional Instructor Support - 6 weeks (following event) - $250.00 USD

Classroom Training Enrollment

Online CCE Bootcamp

  • Online Training Enrollment - $3,795.00 USD
  • Online Training Enrollment (LE/GOV/MIL Pricing) - $3,545.00 USD
  • Online Training Enrollment (Pay-As-You-Go #1) - $1,500.00 USD / $1,400.00 USD (LE/GOV/MIL)
  • Online Training Enrollment (Pay-As-You-Go #2) - $1,200.00 USD / $1,100.00 USD (LE/GOV/MIL)
  • Online Training Enrollment (Pay-As-You-Go #3) - $1,200.00 USD / $1,100.00 USD (LE/GOV/MIL)
  • Instructor Support Extension - 3 months (+1 year after enrollment) - $250.00 USD
  • Instructor Support Extension - 6 months (+1 year after enrollment) - $500.00 USD

Online Training Enrollment

On-Site CCE Bootcamp

In an effort to keep the organization's costs down, it is preferred the that payment be made online using a credit card. However, we will accept other forms of payment such as Purchase Orders or checks. Please contact our office at (615) 509-2967 or for assistance with this.

No refunds are available for the CCE Bootcamp courses once students have accessed the training materials or attended the training event. Please read all directions carefully as you proceed with payment and throughout the enrollment process.

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